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Providing planer fuel cell parts and property evaluation

As Japanese agent for Elcogen in Estonia, Magnex provides Anode Support Cell (ASC) in Japan. Elcogen’s SOFC products are unique: lower operating temperature(600-700℃), low cost and simple design, and ready for mass manufacturing.

  • ASC-300C/ASC-400B

  • ASC-230C

Anode support cell(ASC) specialty, made by Elcogen

  • 650℃ optimized, medium temperature Anode support cell(ASC)

  • Available in various sizes, various figuration(square, rectangle, round shape, etc.), maximum 200×200mm. Half cell also available.

Anode support cell(ASC) configuration, made by Elcogen
Property ASC-300C ASC-400B ASC-230C
Anode support composition NiO/YSZ NiO/YSZ NiO/YSZ
Anode functional composition NiO/YSZ NiO/YSZ NiO/YSZ
Electrolyte composition YSZ YSZ YSZ
Electrolyte thickness 3 μm 3 μm 3 μm
Half-cell thickness 300 μm 400 μm 230 μm
Half-cell tolerance +/- 30 μm +/- 40 μm +/- 20 μm
Barrier composition GDC GDC GDC
Cathode composition LSC LSC LSC
Cathode thickness 10-20 μm 10-20 μm 10-20 μm
Total thickness 315 μm 415 μm 245 μm
Thickness tolerance +/- 35 μm +/- 45μm +/- 25 μm
Suggested operating temp. 600-700℃ 600-700℃ 600-700℃
Standard size (cell) 10x10 cm 10x10 cm 10x10 cm
Standard size (cathode on cell) 9x9 cm 9x9 cm 9x9 cm
Different sizes available + + +
Different shapes available + + +
Half-cells available + + +
Anode support cell(ASC) specialtyI-V, made by Elcogen
Anode support cell(ASC) specialtyI-V, made by Elcogen

※For products inquiry, please let us know the cell type, size, figuration(square, rectangle, round shape, etc.), external size, electrode size, the amount and more.