MAGNEX SOFC Current Collector

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SOFC Current Collector

SOFC Current Collector

To improve the contact resistance between SOFC Interconnect and SOFC Cell

Magnex is developing materials for better electrical connection between SOFC cell and interconnector.

SOFC Current Collector

Metal Mesh

As shown bellow, metal mesh is inserted between SOFC interconnector and SOFC MEA electrode, and is used to keep firm contact with SOFC interconnect and SOFC MEA electrode. Various kind of materials, wire diameter and mesh size are provided, and offering the electro plating processing. Crofer 22APU for interconnector alloy, pure Nickel, various kind of stainless steel are available. Further more, multi layer metal mesh(bonding mesh) is possible to offer. Please use it for improving SOFC characteristics.

  • Materials: Crofer 22APU, SUS430, Nickel, etc.
  • Features: Various kind of wire diameter and mesh size
  • Electroplating: Metal mesh which is treated electroplating by Co, Ni, etc. for protective coating of oxidation processing. And also, available Au and/or Pt electro plating.
Metal Mesh Products List (Example)

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Material Diameter(mm) Width(lines/inch) Height(lines/inch)
Crofer 22 APU Φ0.10 52 52
Crofer 22 APU Φ0.10 70 70
Crofer 22 APU Φ0.20 50 50
Ni Φ0.1~0.2 50~80 50~80
SUS430 Φ0.1~0.18 50~60 50~60
SUS316L Φ0.1~0.15 50~70 50~70
INCONEL Φ0.1~0.18 60~100 60~100

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Metal Mesh Metal Mesh

Porous Metal

Porous metal has air pores inside, it is light specific gravity in volume, it is easy to change the shape by adding the pressure. Therefore, same as metal mesh, it is inserted between SOFC interconnect and SOFC MEA electrode to improve the contact resistance.
We are providing porous metals in Nickel and stainless steels.

Metal Felt

It is laminated metal fiber made by sintering processing. It has high temperature resistance and high corrosion resistance.
As for material, SUS316L, Nickel are used. In regard to those materials, please contact us.

Expand Metal

Expand Metal is foamed from a single piece of metal and has a high efficient conductor.
Same as metal mesh and porous metal, it is used as contact material between SOFC Interconnect and Cell to reduce surface resistance.

3D Fabric

Basically, 3D fabric consists of the triple layer like the figure. The second layer in mid is rising, also cushioned. The materials are Ni, Crofer 22APU or Crofer 22H.
It is inserted between SOFC interconnector and SOFC MEA electrode, used cushioned of 3D fabric, to improve the contact resistance.