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New development of SOFC protective coating,“MAGNEX advantage”

We are providing planer fuel cell parts in the SOFC/PEFC/DMFC field (planer SOFC interconnect, PEFC separator, metal mesh, metal felt, porous metal and SOFC MEA etc.).

Further, providing various metals and parts for SOFC using special stainless steel such as Crofer 22 APU, Crofer 22 H and ZMG232L etc. featuring heat resistance, oxidation resistance and long durability capabilities.

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Frequently asked questions

Things MAGNEX can do for SOFC

What is MAGNEX Novel Development of SOFC Protective Coating?

Magnex Co.,Ltd. joined “2010 subsidized manufacturing project for product development” and aimed to develop Solid Oxide Fuel Cell performance and reduce degradation.

We succeeded in reducing contact resistance (ASR) of collecting material by Ni-Co coating.

Other questions related to SOFC

Any SOFC Benefits?

・High efficiency

・Fuel adaptability

・Clean, reliable, and almost entirely nonpolluting

・Eliminating greenhouse gases

・Eliminating noise pollution associated with power generation, and more!